Housing mingle in AF Borgen

On tuesday August 22nd at 6 pm it is time for this years housing mingle for landlords and students.

The amount of student housings available in Lund is not enough, therefore we need your help to find safe housings for all the students that choose to study in Lund. The mingle of recent years has led to many new housings therefore we arrange this event for landlords and tenants to meet.

The doors will open at 6 pm in Café Aten in AF Borgen. The evening starts with information from The Swedish union for tenants (Hyresgästföreningen) about what to think about when it comes to contracts and rent. After the first information it is time for the big mingle for the evening where landlords and tenants gives a possibility to get to know each other.

In the case where both the student and the landlord are interested in reaching a lease agreement, they will get each other’s contact details in order to create opportunity to further contact. No contracts will be written during the evening. The intention of the mingle is to establish a first contact.

Help a student by hiring out a room or an apartment in the beginning of the semester or longer. If you have any questions about the mingle or about renting out in general you’re always welcome to contact us at 0704-56 11 87.


The registration does not binding and does not imply any obligation for the students.

OBS!!! Unfortunately a scammer is using BoPoolen's name in there Outlook e-mail address to try to get information from students. Don't answer these e-mails and don't give out any personal information!!!


sign up for students


Unfortunately the registration for students is closed due to many participants! If you find housing before the 22th of august and no longer want to participate in the mingle, please unregister before 18th of augusti by sending an email to bopoolen@lus.lu.se. 






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