Checklist for housing


Check out this list with all our best advice when it comes to finding housing in Lund:

1. Apply for housing through LU Accommodation

If you are an international exchange or degree-seeking student, you can apply  for housing through LU Accommodation, who manage a limited number of rooms and flats in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg. For more information visit the website here.

2. Join Studentlund

The membership also allows you to join the AF Bostäder housing queue. Click here to sign up. Studentlund – all of Lund’s student life in one membership.

3. Register with AF Bostäder

Sign up for the AF Bostäder housing queue. AF Bostäder is Lund’s largest student housing provider with more than 6000 housing units. You can read more about the terms for joining the queue and how you get housing with AF Bostäder here.

4. Contact the nations

The nations in Lund are student organisations that also have some student housing. The procedure to get housing differs between the different nations, so the best thing to do is to contact them and ask. You will find the contact information here.

5. Use

Use to upload and respond to ads. Here on BoPoolen’s website you can upload an ad where you describe yourself and what type of housing you are looking for. You can also respond to ads uploaded by landlords.

6. Make yourself heard in other channels

Use Facebook and other types of media to reach a broader audience with your housing search. Write about yourself and what you are looking for. It can also be a good idea to put up ads on bulletin boards around town.

7. Other housing providers

Get in touch with municipal housing companies and private landlords. There are also some foundations in Lund that each has a small number of housing units. Not all of these assign housing through a queue system so it's important to show that you are really interested and to make a good impression. You can explore these possibilities here.

8. Temporary accommodation

Unfortunately it can sometimes be hard to find long-term accommodation in or near Lund, at least at the beginning of the semster. Don’t lose hope! Look for accommodation to cover the first weeks or months of your stay, and then look for more long-term accommodation on site. For short-term accommodation, check Airbnb, hostels or Couchsurfing. BoPoolen also arranges a couch surfing campaign at the beginning of each semester so you're welcome to contact us if you are still looking for housing upon your arrival in Lund. For more suggestions on temporary accommodation click here.


Live nearby

Lund is a small city and unfortunately does not have room for all students at Lund University. It can be hard to find a place to stay in or near the center of Lund and many students live in surrounding areas instead. Luckily there are a few bigger cities and a lot of beautiful towns easily accessible by bike, bus or train. It is easy to commute! The rent is usually lower and it is easier to find housing - especially at the beginning of the semester - if you don’t limit your search to Lund city center. You will find more information about distances and commuting times here.

You can always trade up later

The housing situation in Lund is tough and most people have to wait a while for the dream apartment. This does not mean that you should accept any housing standard. You can always demand that your living standard should meet all legal requirements for housing.

Live together

It is not only more cozy and less expensive to live with friends, it can also be easier to find a larger apartment. Join others and look for a place to share!

A swap?

If you have an apartment or perhaps a room in another city, in Sweden or abroad, chances are that a student from Lund is going there. Swapping is a common option and you can find it on most websites that offer ads for housing. 

Beware of fraud

Sadly there are those who try to take advantage of the tough housing situation by defrauding housing applicants. Avoid fraud by thinking very carefully before sending money or sharing personal information with anyone. Landlords who claim to be abroad and therefore are not able to show the apartment, or who require large deposits to foreign bank accounts, are often scammers. Read our advice to learn more. If you get suspicious – contact us and we will help you!


We wish you the best of luck in your search for housing!