Terms of use for BoPoolen.nu


All users of BoPoolen.nu must be of legal age and have the right to conclude agreements. When you agree to BoPoolen's terms of use you give us permission to let BoPoolen.nu register your personal information and activities on the web site.

You can read more about our processing of your personal data in our Privacy policy.


Ads on BoPoolen.nu may only concern letting of housing. Text and images in the ad must be accurate and must concern the advertised room or apartment. It is not allowed to post multiple ads for the same room and rental period.

Ads published under housing available should target students at Lund University. All housing advertised need to fulfill the legal requirements of acceptable standards (see the Swedish law: Jordabalken 12 kap 18a§) for heating, water, drainage, electricity etc. The presented terms and conditions of the lease shall be consistent with applicable law and the rent shall correspond to a reasonable rent in accordance with local standards.

Advertisements should not contain anything that could be perceived as unlawful, offensive or otherwise objectionable.

All ads for housing available are previewed by BoPoolen.nu. For approval it is required that the terms of use are met. BoPoolen.nu reserves the right to remove ads without notice if the terms of use are breached.

BoPoolen.nu is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the ads. Only the advertiser can be held responsible for inaccurate information. BoPoolen.nu has no liability regarding any damage that occurs in connection with an advertisement or rental via BoPoolen.nu.

BoPoolen.nu assists the police and other authorities if anything illegal occurs or is suspected to occur in connection to advertisements on the web site.


BoPoolen.nu reserves the right to deny users from advertising on the web site when it’s considered to be necessary. It is our regard for the safety of the housing applicants that determines the need for suspension.

Users who violate the terms of use will be suspended from the web site. Other factors that can constitute ground for suspension is information given to us that applicants are being deceived or threatened by a landlord. Students that are using BoPoolen.nu to look for housing can also be suspended if serious or repeated complaints are reported to BoPoolen.

When a decision about suspension is made, the suspended user will be informed about what type of problem or complaint that caused the suspension.